Opening Remarks

Osler, Torys, Blakes, Heenan Blaikie, Miller Thomson, Lang Michener, Baker McKenzie, Lenczner Slaght, Smart and Biggar, Weirfoulds, Adair Morse, Reisler Franklin, Lawson Law, Laxton Glass, Shekter Dychtenberg, AMR, Himelfarb Proszanski, Cameron MacKendrick, Forget and Matthews, Halfnight and McKinlay, ST Lawyers, Theall Group, and Stanchieri Law.

From boutiques to the Seven Sisters, many of Canada's most exciting firms look to Daniel Alexander to rebrand and revitalize. His editorial and advertising work for law firms has appeared in American Lawyer, Canadian Lawyer, Ontario Reports, L'Expert, the Globe and Mail, and Fortune Magazine.

With more than thirteen years of experience, including thousands of lawyer portraits and extensive brand creation, Daniel understands the visual needs and goals of the legal profession.

From a single lawyer headshot to three hundred, he brings the same care and creativity to each project. Client chats and location scouts ensure that each firm is captured uniquely and the final photographs represent exactly what is required.

For busy lawyers, a portable studio and fully digital workflow allows for high quality images and immediate visual feedback without ever leaving the office.

For further projects and information please see Daniel's blog, InCamera, dedicated to his work with law firms and legal editorials throughout Canada and the United States.